Are you planning to install a screen door? Fantastic!

Screen doors are one of the most multi-purpose home accessories one can buy.

However, you may feel confused. Are you worried about its price? Are you concerned about its quality? Or thinking of its durability?

Well now, you can relax & instead consider our five practical benefits that come with purchasing the luxurious Screen Door:

1.   Prevents entry of bugs, debris & other materials

There is nothing unpleasant than not being able to enjoy the fresh air outside during springtime. However, with annoying insects and dust mites flying around, it can be a bit tricky.

Now with the thick Screen doors, that can be prevented entirely.

Its compact alloy structure safeguards the entrance of foreign substances into the house. Be that pollen grains during Allergy seasons or even debris from dust/sandstorms.

These fly screens keep the house air-ventilated & leave all unwelcomed substances outside.

2.   Personal Air-Conditioner during extreme heat

Unlike regular doors, Screen doors consist of a magical component: the mesh screens.

With the mesh layers, the doors remain open all day and night. Allowing cool, fresh breezes to regulate the high heat temperatures. 

This not only reduces the high electricity bills but also keeps our health in check as the fresh air acts as an instant immune booster against seasonal illnesses.

Making the world a healthier and affordable place, one screen door at a time.

3.   Protection against Intruders

In urban areas, high-security protection is the number one priority for all residents.

That is why our magnetic screen doors, made from such durable materials, are able to withstand very powerful forces.

It is more than your average lock and key door. No burglar would ever dare to approach a house with such an extensive security system.

 With Screen doors as your bodyguards, you can sleep with both your eyes closed at night.    

4.   Extensive safety measure for Toddlers & Pets

We’ve all experienced this troublesome moment when: Your dog suddenly starts barking uncontrollably, wanting to go out. While you stand around helplessly, with your hands completely tied up.

How will you open those awkward doorknobs with full hands? Well, with the magnetic screen doors, you won’t need to at all.

The magnetic screen doors critically control the entrance and exit of people/things.  A pet-friendly product eases pet-owners with its advanced magnetic technology. It calls for minimal effort in its push/pull system.

5.   Efficient Energy-Cost

The addition of a layer of magnetic screen doors means the addition of an insulation layer.

This insulation layer has the following benefits:

  • It prevents water leaks.
  • It regulated the perfect room temperature according to the weather.

This reduces the need to use external heating/cooling sources drastically. The mesh glazing may also insulate against external noise pollution in urban settlements.


Screen doors can do it all, from maintaining its decorative element to having the most practical benefits. They are there for you to make smart decisions about your life.

Because where there is mesh, there is always a success.

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