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We’ve all had to open a door with our hands full of coffee or water. We all remember the agony of trying to wrench down a door handle with our elbow and failing until we had to finally put our beverages down and open the door only to pick up said beverages again. Isn’t that exhausting?

Let’s talk about the new and effortless way of opening doors!

What are they, and how do they work?

Magic screen doors are compact, lightweight, and easy to install makeshift add ons to your existing door. These can not only be used as a way for fresh air to circulate in your household without letting bugs roam free, but since these clips together with strong magnets, these can also be classy door screens for dogs/cats or any other pets you might have.

These mesh screen doors are easy to install, affordable, and readily available. So what’s stopping you?

The right choice for you

Screen doors come in all different shapes and sizes. Since there is no universal set value for a door, you should beware while shopping for these mesh screen doors. Most of them can be adjust to size with a pair of safety scissors; however, if your door is larger than 38’ by 82’, you will have to order a custom one.

It is to note that these may come in different varieties. Picking the right one for your use is essential! If you plan to use it as a way for your dog to roam freely, you may want to invest slightly more into a Reinforced Screen door, so it doesn’t get scratched every time your dog opens it.

Like all things in life, this is about picking the right tool for the job. And this is going to the right tool for a lot of people.

You should get one

These bug screens for doors are incredibly useful. However, you should look at your atmosphere; you could have these at every door and allow the kids and pets to move freely while keeping bugs and insects out.

However, since these are designed with a cookie-cutter type mold, these don’t work elegantly with all doors. However, over 90% of doors are compatible. These aren’t particularly great for people over 6 feet. Since the magnets open like a curtain, it’s easy to get caught in the top of the mesh if a person is tall. Though that isn’t anything, a larger mesh or a more high mount can’t quickly solve.


If you can get past these few inconveniences, a magnetic screen is a beneficial add on, that not only allows you to have a fresher environment in the comfort of your home. It is also:

  1. Portable
  2. Instant
  3. Cost-effective

If you’re sick of opening and closing doors, there is well and indeed no better way to resolve that issue. There is no valid reason not to pick up a Magic Screen Door.

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