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Magnetic Screen Door

Are you sick of bugs and insects intruding your home and disturbing your peace? Are you tired of living in a hot and sweaty atmosphere because your house door is inefficient? If you can relate to these, then read on for a perfect solution!

A magnetic screen door is a magnetic locking screen that you can suspend by your door, and doing this will help keep out annoying insects and regulate fresh air in the house. The pros and cons of installing such an entry are the following:

Benefits of a magnetic screen door

· Keeps bugs out:

To keep your place free of mosquitoes, flies, or wasps, it serves as a sentry net screen cover! Summer can bring many unwelcome rodents, mosquitoes, and bugs into your home, which a magnetic screen net door can effectively block.

· Allows in the fresh air:

You can indeed have a house free of pests and, at the same time, have a place that feels light and airy. This enables the user to feel more ‘outdoor’ by letting the breeze in. You won’t need the AC anymore, so you will then turn the energy bill down and help save the world by not contributing further to global warming!

· In and out hands-free:

If, after doing shopping, both of your hands are full, you don’t have to think and have to put all the boxes or bags to unlock the door. You don’t have to, because you can effortlessly step through a magnetic door pad! These doors are automatically locked, so the magnets will snap back after the user passes the device.

· Portable and durable:

Super easy to use and too quick to install. It only takes about two minutes to install the magnetic mesh door.

Quite handy. Many people have been using it for years without having to fix it or buy one new. As long as it is not torn or has a hole, it will have a long life!

As it is attached to Velcro, it can then be moved at any time.

Disadvantages of a magnetic screen door

· Not suitable for tall people:

If you’re tall, you will have to dive or use your hands to hold the handle. For some people, this can turn out as immensely frustrating.

· Not applicable on metal doors:

You won’t be able to use the push pins and will need to use and re-attach the Velcro Tape.

· Ill-suited for sliding doors:

With such a sliding panel, caution must be taken to ensure that the sliding glass is not in the way in case someone walks through without looking through the glass door!

Here are the benefits and weaknesses of installing door screens for bugs. I hope you found them helpful!

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